Cabin In The Woods


*Food Allergy Notice* Please be advised that this room contains a “taste” portion. You will need to use all of your senses within this room. Not all parties need to taste and can be skipped if needed.

You and your friends have heard tales of what mysteries may be hidden in the Massapequa woodlands. Late one evening, you venture out in search of answers…only to find yourselves hopelessly lost. Luckily for you, you’ve spotted a cabin in the distance — shelter for the night. Can you find your way inside by dark? You must find what is behind the mysteries, and free yourselves. The cabin may have mysteries that are more than you bargained for.

What happens if I don’t show up for my room?
Failure to attend your reserved time slot will be treated as a nonappearance. In the case of nonappearance, no refund will be issued and you may not reschedule.


★★★★★ (Hardest Room)


60 mins.


Max 12


Not Scary