The Wizard’s Last Quest


For years, you and your fellow wizards in training have studied the magical arts. At long last, you’ve reached your final examination. In order to graduate as full-fledged wizards, you and your companions have been placed in the wizard academy’s dungeon. To escape, you all must work together as a team to find and retrieve the emerald amulet, coveted for its deep magical properties. Be quick, and keep your training in mind – you have one chance to prove yourselves before time runs out. (“upon request” you may be blindfolded at certain points in this room.)

What happens if I don’t show up for my room?
Failure to attend your reserved time slot will be treated as a nonappearance. In the case of nonappearance, no refund will be issued and you may not reschedule.




60 mins.


Max 12


Slightly Scary