Slime Island


You and your research team are sent on a mission to explore the legendary Slime Island to find the brilliant Dr. Goostein and his top-secret recipe for Super Mega Slime! You find his deserted research site while exploring, but not long after you arrive, you receive a distress signal from your boat, warning you of a massive incoming storm that’s set to hit in one hour! Can you find the ingredients to Dr. Goostein’s Super Mega Slime and escape Slime Island before the storm wrecks your boat and leaves you stranded? This room is handicapped accessible.

What happens if I don’t show up for my room?
Failure to attend your reserved time slot will be treated as a nonappearance. In the case of nonappearance, no refund will be issued and you may not reschedule.




60 mins.


Max 10


Not Scary